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It’s Been a While …

It has been a while…literally! Sheepishly we’ll tell you, it’s been over five years since we’ve had a web presence. Now with heads held high, we can proudly say we’ve joined the fast paced digital era, with a vengeance!

We’re tweeting (follow us @Rackets_Runners), we’re active on Facebook (, and we have a new home base – our website ( We have arrived! We’ve done all of this because it really is a powerful way to keep in touch with you. Hopefully you’ll find our social media a pleasant mix of useful information, encouraging insight and fun giveaways. We’ll also use this site to let you know when the latest and greatest new product has arrived. Our website will also be home to regular and unique blog posts in all areas of sport. Interested in being a guest blogger? We’d love to have you! Having said all this, our website will be an ever evolving one that will benefit from all types of feedback. You can always email your comments to

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