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New Balance Shoes and a Sun Run Discount!

How ‘bout a race and a new pair of New Balance shoes to support your new year’s fitness goals? From now through February 28th purchase a new pair of New Balance shoes from Rackets & Runners and you’ll get $10 off your Vancouver Sun Run registration fee. Be fit & frugal in 2013!  The Sun Run is April 21st. (Offer not valid on school, corporate or Shaw Mini Sun Run registrations).

When you’re ready for a new pair of runners, we’ll get you fitted right, guaranteed. The right shoe can correct alignment, prevent injury and even relieve existing pain. The wrong shoe can increase risk of injury or even aggravate an existing condition.

The road to the right shoe begins when we assess your gait. By analyzing body movements and mechanics, we can determine what type of shoe to try on your feet. We also love to see your old shoes. Their wear and tear tells us a lot about how you move, where you need support, and which features will serve you best. Sharing your injury history and medical conditions also helps us make the right choice for you. Shoes have different features which could minimize or even eliminate certain conditions. Do you wear orthotics? Bring them along too!

Did you know when you’re running, your shoes need to be able to absorb 3-4 times your body weight! When you move, you produce shock.  Proper footwear absorbs it.

Finally, forget the marketing hype! We simply want to get you in the shoes that are best for you. That’s our mission and our purpose.

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