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Final Tips for the Sun Run

Allison Tai, Clinic Coordinator Allison Tai, Rackets & Runners Run Coordinator/Coach and former Sun Run Clinic Coordinator passes along her final tips for the last days before the Sun Run on Sunday, April 21st. For more information on Allison, please see her  website
  • Don't spend too much time on your feet - get the expo out of the way early and think about relaxing and kicking your feet up the day before.
  • Do not eat a huge plate of pasta for dinner to "carb load" - it's unnecessary unless you're running longer distance. Carbs retain water so you may end up feeling bloated and heavy for the race. They also take energy and time to digest and might not be fully out of your system by morning. Focus on eating a healthy, well balanced, light meal as you would any other night. Skip high fat, spicy, or high fibre meals though until after the run.
  • Get to the race early enough to be relaxed, but not so early you freeze waiting for the start gun. Expect delays getting there and do your best to breathe and manage your stress. Realize that a bit of anxiety and excitement are all part of your day.
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