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Sun Run: Top 2 Tips for 2 Weeks To Go

alliprofileAllison Tai, Rackets & Runners Run Coordinator/Coach and former Sun Run Clinic Coordinator passes along her Top 2 Tips for two weeks before the Sun Run on Sunday, April 21st. For more information on Allison, please see her  website The Top Two Tips 1. Do not do anything new. If you must wear new anything,  especially new shoes, this is your week to try them out. If they feel uncomfortable at all, don't wear them come race day. Try on everything you plan to wear race day for your runs this week. Since we are hoping for warm weather in 2 weeks but it's looking like a soggy week, put your race gear on and then layer on a water resistant jacket. As an added bonus, if it does rain on Sun Run day, you've planned for it. You do not want to be "breaking anything in" on your big day. Also, think about practicing your pre-race ritual from breakfast to bathroom breaks to lip chap. Dress rehearsal. 2. Stay positive. You've put in the miles. The hay is in the barn now. Give your body and mind a little rest in preparation for the big day. That doesn't mean eating bonbons with your legs up (you can do a bit of that in your post race week). Focus on good nutrition and follow your taper plan so that you show up to the starting line with fresh legs that are ready to roll come Sun Run day.
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