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QE Park tennis courts

Queen Elizabeth Park

Throughout the Spring and Summer Rackets & Runners will be profiling public tennis courts around Metro Vancouver. To find a court near you, check out the Vancouver Park Board's listing of public tennis courts. Read about public court rules & etiquette.


Description: One of the hubs of public tennis in Vancouver and built atop the Kersland reservoir, Queen Elizabeth park is second only to Stanley Park for number of courts, with 17. QE has an active tennis club ( which is a great place for players of all levels to connect with other players.

bird's eye view QE

Location: Right in the centre of Vancouver at 4600 Cambie Street. The courts are located on the SW Corner of Queen Elizabeth Park near 37th Ave. and Kersland Drive.

Other Nearby Amenities: Hitting Wall, Basketball Courts, Lacrosse Box, Pitch & Putt, Disc Golf

Number of Courts: 17

3 Tennis Ball RatingPlaying Surface/Net Condition: QE has a Plexipave surface which is in good condition on most of the courts. The playing surface is fairly even. Half of the the courts are aligned East-West, which can cause visibility issues when the sun is low in the sky.

4 Tennis Ball Rating

Setting: Built on a gentle hillside, and within walking distance of gardens, conservatory, and quarry, these tennis courts are located in one of the nicest places to be in Vancouver.

3 Tennis Ball Rating

Crowdedness: During peak times Queen Elizabeth Park can be a busy place, but with 17 courts available, the wait is never that long to get a game going.

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