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The sport of field hockey’s roots run deep in British Columbia. The first match was played here over one hundred years ago and the sport has been growing ever since. Today, the Province has a strong network of club and school teams that play and support the game. The Canadian national teams’ training base is in Vancouver, developing and sending men’s and women’s teams to compete in the World Cup, Pan-Am Games, Commonwealth Games, and the Olympics.

At Rackets & Runners, Field Hockey has always been close to our hearts. The company’s founders, Lex and Fred Hoos, both represented Canada at the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal, and staff member Paul Wharton is a player on the current Men's National team. Our love and support for this great sport continues today. From absolute beginners to national team players, Rackets & Runners carries all of the essential equipment for the field hockey player.

The Stick

The only player on the field allowed to touch the ball with their hands or feet is the Goalie, everyone else needs to use their stick, and it must be a right-handed stick at that. Left handed sticks are not sanctioned for competition due to safety concerns.MazonFusion1000blog Most hockey sticks are made from a composite of different materials such as graphite, fiberglass, and wood. Composite sticks offer a range of weights and flex. Higher graphite content stiffens the stick and provides more power for the player, while sticks with more flex offer greater feel. For beginning players under 12 years old and 5'4" in height, all wood sticks are recommended for greater control and lower cost.


While still played on grass, more and more games are played on artificial surfaces. This has lead to an evolution in the type of footwear worn by players. Players, including those on the Saucony Peregrine Trail ShoeCanadian National team, are moving away from rigid and heavy turf shoes into lighter weight and better cushioned trail runners. Trail runners offer a lugged outsole for grip, but have softer uppers and more flexible midsoles for comfort.


With sticks and balls made of  hard materials and moving at high velocity, shin guards are the key piece of protective equipment.  For beginners, a shinguard meant for soccer is suitable, but as the player advances the added protection of a field hockey specific shinguard is a necessity. Hockey shinguards cover more of the shin and have much more protection for the ankle.   In addition to these core items, Rackets & Runners stocks mouthguards, socks, technical apparel, balls, protective gloves, and stick bags for the field hockey player. Experts are at the store to get you set up and answer any questions you might have.
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