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Jericho Beach Park

Jericho Beach Park

Throughout the Summer Rackets & Runners will be profiling public tennis courts around Metro Vancouver. To find a court near you, check out the Vancouver Park Board’s listing of public tennis courts. Read about public court rules & etiquette.


Description: Brand new courts located at a great beach. There is a pay parking lot next to the courts, and paved bike routes pass right by, making them very accessible. A couple options are close by for some post match refreshment. Location: At the foot of Discovery St. beside the Jericho Sailing Centre and the Rugby field Other Nearby Amenities: Beach, Grass Field, Turf Field, Hitting Wall, Concession Number of Courts: 4 4 Tennis Ball RatingPlaying Surface/Net Condition: These courts are pretty much brand new. The plexipave surface is completely flat and unmarred, save for some seagull poop. 3 Tennis Ball RatingSetting: Hard to beat beachside tennis, except when the wind picks up. Walking and biking paths pass right by the court, and a parking lot is steps away from the chain link fence, so the area can be a little busy at times. 3 Tennis Ball RatingCrowdedness: Surprisingly, the times we've been down there is hasn't been too hard to get a court. Perhaps people aren't aware that the courts have reopened after construction yet. See our profiles on Heather Park and Queen Elizabeth Park
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