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Shoe Renu at Salvation Army Harbour Light

Shoe Renu Foot Care Clinic

We gave out 507 pairs of shoes...we met 507 extraordinary people. This past Saturday, the second phase of a brand new Vancouver Sun Run initiative was quietly launched. The pre-loved shoes that were collected at this year’s Sun Run as well as those that we’ve collected since, now have new, and very special homes. shoes ready for distributionOn Saturday, volunteers from the Rotary Club, Lush Cosmetics, Rackets & Runners, and the Salvation Army met at the Salvation Army’s Harbour Light location for the first ever Shoe Renu Foot Care Clinic. The old hiking boots, runners, and work shoes you so generously donated and were then laundered and given new insoles, were re-distributed to those in need. Everyone who visited this pop-up foot clinic left with at least one pair of pre-loved shoes to help them through the coming rainy season. It was a powerful day. The gratitude that was expressed over the gift of a pair of old shoes and clean socks, was at times, overwhelming. It was heartwarming to see the joy on people's faces when they were able to get into a comfy pair of shoes. Podiatrists tell us the importance of taking care of your feet, which includes keeping them clean and protecting them from moisture in warm, dry socks and good shoes should not be underestimated. They remind, that at a very basic level, a clean, dry, comfy pair of shoes has the potential to save someone’s life. By all accounts, the first Shoe Renu Foot Care Clinic was a well organized and well received event.  We remain committed to this initiative and just wanted you to know the difference your old soles made! Shoes can continue to be dropped off year round at our store.
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