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Brtiannia Streetfront Program

Running Shoes for Youth

At Rackets & Runners we believe every kid should have access to sport. We also know not every family can afford the equipment or the instruction. So when we heard about the Britannia Streetfront Alternative Program and its program built on running, we felt compelled to get involved. Streetfront’s approach to education emphasizes physical activities and outdoor experiences. Here, at risk youth spend nearly half of every school day doing serious Phys Ed. The belief is that a good hard workout helps students concentrate in class. Some students train for and participate in the Seattle and Vancouver Full and Half Marathons. The philosophy works. Graduation rates at Streetfront are higher than the district’s. Rackets & Runners has proudly partnered with New Balance Canada and Streetfront, committing to provide year round support for the kids in the program, in the form of runners and athletic clothing. We are inspired by 8 of the program’s kids we’ve met so far and we are cheering them on as they prep for the Seattle Marathon on December 1st.  We look forward to following their stories and sharing their successes with you!
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