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Shoe Renu at Harbour Light

Coming Together at the 2nd Shoe Renu Clinic

Proving the power of a hand me down. Saturday, December 7th, we were back at the Salvation Army Harbour Light on the Downtown Eastside for the second ever Shoe Renu Foot Care Clinic. After sorting and cleaning up hundreds of pairs of pre-loved athletic and walking shoes, along with our Rotary Club and BC Podiatric partners, we were once again ready to find new homes for your old shoes. We launched our 1st clinic back in September along with our friends at several other locally owned Sun Run Stores, so we went in with a little more experience. This time, we gave out 200 pairs of women's socks and shoes, 300 pairs of men's socks and shoes, 200 toques and sets of gloves to those in need. Dr. Anthony Yung and Dr. Dana Alumbaugh provided free foot care services to 35 appreciative and needy individuals. Clean, healthy feet are key to basic well-being. We were deeply moved by the people we met, the stories they shared, and the gratitude expressed over such basic gifts. We accept donations of pre-loved athletic shoes, work and hiking boots all year at Rackets & Runners, The Right Shoe and Peninsula Runners.  Your old soles make the Shoe Renu Foot Care Clinics possible.
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