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Meet your Fitter The shape of your foot and the way you move is unique to you. We believe in getting you into the right pair of shoes that best supports both. Whether you’re walking, running or hitting, your feet take the brunt of your chosen activity. How your body reacts is intimately connected to how your feet cope. We’re here to find the right shoe for you. Sizing You Up When was the last time your foot was measured? You should have your feet measured every time you are being fitted for shoes. When we have you step on the Brannock device we get to see where your foot is widest, if there is any difference in length between the two of them, how high your instep is, and so on.  Where your toes end and with the corresponding number on the measuring device, we get a good starting point for your U.S. athletic shoe size.  We’ll probably ask you to take a short walk in your socks so we can watch your gait and foot mechanics. Talk To Me We‘ll also take as much information as possible from you about your feet and your activities. The fitter wants to know what injuries you’ve had, what your favourite pair of shoes was, if you’ve been given any direction from a medical practitioner, and just what it is you are planning to do in your new kicks. Bringing in an old pair gives us a great sense of how you wear a shoe. You can leave your old ones behind as a donation to our Shoe Renu Program once we pick out a new pair for you. The Proof is in the Wearing If there were such a thing as “The Best Shoe”, Rackets and Runners would carry that shoe in 48 different colours.  While you may be able to get some guidance from public opinion, what really matters is how the pair on your feet, fits you. There are so many factors to consider when choosing shoes to try on. It’s no wonder it’s impossible to pick the perfect pair from a magazine article, or an online review. Your fitter’s job is to present options based on the information gathered during your visit, how you feel when you try a pair of shoes on and lastly, to help you assess the fit of each pair.  Ultimately, you have to wear them. Finally, you need to be able to take your choice home, test them out, and know that if there is a problem, you can count on the store you bought them from to get you into a pair that does work.
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