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Sand Socks

From the pro beach volleyball player to the beachcomber, Sand Socks are gaining momentum as the must-have sporty beach accessory with year round functionality. Between the tough, Duratex coated neoprene sole and high quality Spandex upper with Ultraviolet Protection of 50+, Sand Socks can withstand sun exposure, heat, gritty sand, cold and even corrosive salt water.  The socks are held together with top of the line stitching and threads used by wetsuit manufacturers so they can be worn in water, under shoes, sandals or in diving fins. Sand Sock (r) suggests the socks even enhance an athlete’s performance on the beach and in water. They give better traction in the sand so you can jump higher and respond faster. Today Sand Socks are increasingly enjoyed by surfers, boaters, paddlers, joggers, volleyball players and beach bums. When blogger Christine Blanchette took a pair for a jog along Vancouver’s Sunset Beach, she loved them: “They felt like slippers, they were so comfortable. My feet felt protected with neoprene bottoms and spandex uppers that are breathable, cool and keep sand out. The socks comes in many funky colours like the pair I have – blue lightning, and come with an adjustable strap at the top. They are water friendly and can be worn in or out of shoes comfortably. I felt fast like the colour of my sock, (blue lightning), for its good traction.  More importantly, it kept sand out and they are machine washable”. Sand Socks are available to fit most feet from children to adults. SandSockSizeChart
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