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Eye Protection is Important

A hard hit to the head is ideally, altogether avoided. So is a sharp poke in the eye. But when we play the sports we love, that just can’t be guaranteed. In this last week alone we had 2 squash playing customers, sporting some heavy duty shiners, come in asking for protective eyewear. With the growing concern and awareness around head and eye injuries, some very simple and affordable products are becoming increasingly necessary. When worn consistently and considered part of a player’s uniform, they can help avoid significant injury. The group Prevent Blindness America estimates that Emergency Rooms in North America treat more than 40,000 sports related eye injuries a year. Between the high speeds at which birdies, racketball & squash balls fly – and the fierce swing of a racket, the potential for injury is there. Today, coaches, parents and players agree that sports eyewear is well worth the modest investment. All racket clubs and sports facilities strongly advise players don protective eyewear. In fact, protective eyewear is mandatory for squash juniors and adult doubles. For racket sports, we carry protective eyewear by Black Knight, Wilson, Leader and Head. These goggles reduce the risk of eye injury, and newer models are comfortable and easy to wear. The best eyewear has a polycarbonate lens (lightweight, up to 10 times stronger and more impact-resistant than plastic or glass alternatives, and doesn’t distort the player’s vision). Lenses are also treated with an anti-fog coating and often vented to allow better airflow, they are best cleaned with a microfiber cloth, or by running them under cold water. When selecting a pair of glasses be sure to try on a few different styles, as they all fit differently. Some frames are made in different sizes and some are made to fit over your prescription specs. Most eye protection comes with a strap for extra security, but they should fit well enough without the strap that they won't slip or fall off on their own. A graphite racket or a ball travelling at well over 100km/h can cause major damage to a delicate organ like your eyes, and accidents do happen. Wearing protective eyewear greatly reduces the chance of sustaining a serious injury and from our experiences does not inhibit your ability to play competitively.    
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