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small gifts and stocking stuffers for the runner

Stocking Stuffers & Small Gifts for the Runner

We've found a number of items that have proven to be awesome accessories for the runner. Tried and tested by members of our own run club, we've heard the feedback first hand, and are confident that the runner on your list would be happy to find any of these selections in their stocking.

Body Glide

Body Glide is one of the invaluable gifts for the runner who likes to go for distance. It reduces friction on sensitive skin; thighs, feet, nipples, and anywhere that chafes against fabric will benefit from an application. Easy to apply and water-based, Body Glide is the answer runners have been looking for.

Nathan HyperBrite Strobe

The LED has changed the game for personal illumination, and Nathan is putting the technology to good use. The HyperBrite Strobe is powered by 2 replaceable coin batteries which give the wearer up to 30hrs of use. Lightweight and water resistant, the flashing light is visible from 2400 ft. away.

Nike Cold-Weather Toque

Fleece lined, but not bulky, this toque will keep your noggin warm until you build up some heat during your workout. Take it off and put it in your pocket when you’re warm enough, you’ll never even know it’s there. Great cosmetics and reflective detail as well.

Yurbuds Sport Earphones

Sport earphones are made for activity. YurBuds come with 2 different sizes of earpieces for a more custom fit, and trademarked Twist Lock technology keeps them from falling out. They are also sweat resistant, so when your music gets you going, they keep working.

Pro-Tec Foam Roller

An effective device for self massage. Seriously, foam rollers work well for backs and legs. Available in a few different sizes and colours, they can be used on the go, and no set-up is required. A quick guide on effective use is included with each roller.

Sugoi RSR Cap

360 degrees of reflectivity, a stiff brim to keep the rain out of your eyes, and a built-in absorbant band to keep the sweat out makes this hat a perfect pick for the all weather runner. Fully washable , and adjustable for a great fit the RSR Cap is a top-seller year after year.

Balega Cushioned Performace Socks

Chances are anyone on your gift list could use a pair of socks. If they are active, they definitely need proper fitting socks that reduce friction and wick moisture away. Balega socks fit great, with a stretch instep and padding at the ball and heel of the foot without much extra bulk.

Sport Suds

A hamper full of smelly running gear? We recommend Sport Suds to clean your technical fabrics properly. No residue, environmentally friendly, made in Canada, and most importantly… it works!

GU Gel & Electrolyte Addidtive

Great stocking fillers for the workout enthusiast. GU Gel is a very palatable energy source for longer runs (100 calories/package). Empty a package of GU Brew into your waterbottle to help keep your electrolytes at the proper level. All natural flavours and simple ingrediants.

IceBreaker Real FLEECE Glove

Fleece is warm, but sometimes synthetic fleece makes you sweat and feels clammy after prolonged wear. Ice Breaker Real Fleece gloves are made from merino wool which breathes very well, preventing you from over heating and over sweating. Merino wool is naturally antimicrobial, meaning your gloves won’t smell either.

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