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Top Picks for the Tennis Player

From shoes to string, we've reviewed a few top picks for the tennis player on your gift list. Newly released and rated by the experts at Rackets & Runners. New 2015 HEAD rackets and shoes just came in, and there are quite a few highlights among them... here are our top picks for the Tennis Player:


HEAD Graphene XT Speed S Tennis Racket - $219.98 strung

10.1 oz. and evenly balanced, the Speed S is a great racket for a beginning to intermediate player looking to improve their play. We think a racket at this weight and balance is perfect for a player with a developing game. It's a little beefier Pure Drive Lite... and it's got Graphene in the frame, which is awesome.

String Setup - Hawk Touch 17 / FXP Power - Incl. w/ new racket or $32.50

String setup will depend ultimately on the individual player and frame. A hybrid setup of Hawk Touch 17 in the mains at 51lbs and FXP Power 16 in the crosses at 53lbs plays really nice in the XT Speed S. This provides a great balance of power and control and some bite to help with topspin. This is the way we've set up our demos.

HEAD Revolt Pro Tennis Shoe - $129.98

These just came in Dec 1st and we've had a chance to run around on the court a little with them. The Revolt Pro has an inner liner that seems to wrap the entire length of your foot, giving a really secure fit from heel to toe for many different foot shapes. Maybe a bit too snug for wider feet. Your foot doesn't move inside the shoe and it's still very comfortable to wear. The Revolt is not the lightest tennis shoe, but it possesses superior lateral stability, which really helps when changing directions quickly on the court. Cosmetics are very sharp as well.

HEAD Djokovic Tennis Backpack - $59.98

Stylish and practical, this backpack has an area for up to two rackets, with locking zippers to prevent the frames from falling out accidentally. The main compartment has plenty of room for a change of clothes, towel, and a couple cans of balls. A separate zippered pouch at the bottom of the bag holds your shoes, which keeps the rest of your gear clean. And finally, a small armoured pocket is the perfect spot to stow sunglasses, keys, and/or your phone. There is also a Djokovic 6pack tennis bag available.

Pro Penn Marathon Tennis Balls - $4.98/tin $85.00/case of 24

The official ball of Tennis BC. If you play in sanctioned tournament, this is what you'll be using. A firm ball, which takes a long time to fuzz-up and holds it's pressure well, living up to it's name. They'll last a few sets for sure.
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