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#SupportTheGirls-Bra Fitting Night

Sports Bra Fitting Event – Wed, Feb 18th

Is it time to update your Sports Bra? At Rackets & Runners, we know sports bras and carry a great selection. Come join us at the store on February 18th from 7 – 9pm for an event devoted to getting … Read more

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#ThisIsMyYear to Run

I’ve learned a lot of things about being an athlete the hard way. If I could go back and visit myself a dozen years ago, when I was just getting in to this whole running thing, there are a few … Read more

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#ThisIsMyYear to Stick with Field Hockey

As a Canadian national field hockey team member, UBC Varsity field hockey athlete and hopeful 2016 Olympian, I am reminded daily of the incredible effect that the sport has had on my life. I grew up playing in the Vancouver … Read more

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#ThisIsMyYear to Take up Tennis

I didn’t grow up with a tennis racket in my hand. I had played competitive soccer from an early age and when I gave that up I spent a year away from sports in general, but the need for activity … Read more

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#ThisIsMyYear to Pick up Pickleball

If this is the year you’re going to take up pickleball, here’s some insight from someone who recently has: Over the years I’ve dabbled in sports like tennis and racket ball, but walking and hiking have traditionally been the basis … Read more

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#ThisIsMyYear to do an Obstacle Course Race

I have made a lot of rookie mistakes in my OCR career. Having completed everything from the Dirty Dash to coming in second at the 2014 World’s Toughest Mudder 24 hour Obstacle Race Championship, mistakes were a part of the … Read more

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