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#ThisIsMyYear to Stick with Field Hockey

As a Canadian national field hockey team member, UBC Varsity field hockey athlete and hopeful 2016 Olympian, I am reminded daily of the incredible effect that the sport has had on my life. I grew up playing in the Vancouver junior spring league, the men’s league, and through the Provincial and Junior National team programs. Soon enough, I found myself immersed in the fun loving Vancouver field hockey community and I continue to enjoy friendships that I have made throughout all of greater Vancouver and various places around the world. I joined the junior spring league at the age of 9 when my mom signed up some of my friends, my brother, and me for the Vancouver Hawks team. As a young kid starting out in the sport I was quickly hooked, a large part of my inspiration coming from meeting the then current national team players at the community events that they often held. We still hold as many events as we can in order to hopefully inspire the young kids of today. Getting started doesn’t require much investment in equipment: A stick, footwear suitable for turf, mouthguard, and shin guards are the necessities. Get yourself sized up for the correct length of stick, and if you are a beginner, choose a more flexible composition to provide better control. After you have the basic gear, you’ll need to find a place to play. The junior spring league is for ages 7-18, and runs from April to June each year. It includes many clubs throughout Metro Vancouver and teams are coached by current or former players with experience ranging from playing in the Vancouver men’s and women’s leagues to those with national team duty under their belt. If you are an adult starting out, or getting back into the sport, the Vancouver men’s league, founded in 1895, and women’s league, run from September through February and feature various divisions from beginner to competitive. There is a place for everyone to play. The men’s league includes the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia varsity teams as well as club teams throughout greater Vancouver. Games are played on artificial turf, located at the University of British Columbia, Eric Hamber Secondary School, Tamanawis Secondary School, the University of Victoria, and others. Whether a rookie or returning veteran, the Vancouver leagues are always happy to accommodate new players. I suggest checking out the Men’s and Women’s Vancouver league websites. Good information can also be found on the field hockey British Columbia website, a list of the clubs in Metro Vancouver can be found there as well: Also, Don’t forget to check out the field hockey Canada national team website to see the men’s and women’s team lists and upcoming events! Come out to one and say hello.
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