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Run for Love

Run for Love

There are many reasons why you should run… but here are ten that say you should start lacing up with your valentine. 1. Increased self confidence. One or both partners lack of confidence is a relationship killer. It often leads to jealousy, mistrust, feelings of unworthiness and a pile of other nasties that are no good for anyone. 2. Shared passion. Have you ever noticed how quickly you bond with your run partners? The challenge of overcoming those middle intervals or that last hill on a long run makes for a solid partnership - on and off the road. 3. Improved health in every area. Chances are that as runners, you'll both be committed to living a healthy lifestyle. Couples often find themselves misaligned when it comes to nutrition, sleep and exercise adherence. Not so with runners. 4. A little friendly competition. The bodies physical reaction to running is similar to romantic attraction: quick heart rate, shortness of breath, sweating, and a rush of feel-good hormones. Studies have shown that people misattribute the cause of these feelings and thus, feel more attraction to those around them. 5. You're more likely to stick with it. Once running becomes part of your routine, you're far more to keep it up as a couple. My husband jokes that if he didn't run, he'd never see me. And I'm glad he does… otherwise, I'd be torn between spending time with him or with my sneakers. 6. Increased energy. You've probably heard the sayings that good relationships take a lot of work. Running gives you more energy to devote to your life and your loved ones. 7. Challenge breeds true joy - and true love. Studies have shown that people feel closer to their partners after overcoming a physical challenge . 8. You're more likely to run better. The research has shown consistently that simply being around others makes you faster. Regardless of if you even run the same pace or not, you'll both run better if you're out there together. 9. It's well known that running is one of the most effective activities in terms of reducing stress. And stress is one of the worst things that you can invite into your relationship. I know personally that I incapable of staying mad after a run. No matter how right I am. Or was. Or whatever. That last rep was awesome. Let's hug. 10. Live long and prosper. You want to have a partner to break 100+ age group records with? Get them running early. You don't have to go fast or far either, even modest amounts of low intensity running has been shown to add years to your life - and the life of your sweetie.
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