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#ThisIsMyYear to Play Ultimate

Expand Your Lung Capacity and Social Circle with Summer Ultimate! The sun is shining and you’re running. You realize you need to kick into a higher gear. The disc is hovering in front of you and it’s starting to drop. Further…. Faster….. You run as hard as you can and extend your right arm at the last possible moment. Almost tripping over your own feet, you snag the disc and hear the sound of cheers. You’re in the endzone. You scored a point. You’re playing ultimate. This is a regular occurrence around parks in Vancouver come summertime. With more Ultimate Players on fieldthan 240 teams in its’ Adult Summer League, The Vancouver Ultimate League (VUL) is the largest ultimate league in the entire world! So why is the sport so popular here? There are a few obvious reasons – climate, an active population, plenty of parks big enough to accommodate the demand. But from the perspective of a player it’s fun, great exercise, entirely co-ed, a fantastic way to meet new people, and is easy to get started. Oh, and there aren’t any refs. No refs?....... No refs. Although some say there are in fact 14 refs. Every player on the field is accountable to what happens during a game. Call your own fouls, determine if an opponent landed in or out when catching a score, assess if you made the infraction someone else thinks you did. It’s all about honesty, integrity and sportsmanship. Run hard, do your best, have fun, learn and improve. If this piques your interest, no matter your age or athletic background, you should give ultimate a try. It may not be for you, but it could also be the best decision you’ve made in a long time. It’s what a lot of new members say. For anyone interested in trying the sport out. You can learn more about Intro Sessions and how to start playing ultimate on the Vancouver Ultimate League website.
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