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What's in Keith's Bag

What’s In Keith’s Tennis Bag?

R&R staffer and avid tennis player, Keith, let's us into his bag to see what gear is essential for him to carry to the court. A. The Bag: A Babolat Aero Pro Holder 12 Tennis Bag - It comes complete with a thermal compartment for his frames,  2 other large compartments for general storage, a shoe bag, and a selection of clever pockets for smaller items. The Aero Pro Holder carries a lot more gear than shown, but we had to leave the man some privacy. Keiths-Bag-2015B. HEAD cotton player's towel - because sweat happens. C. Wilson Australian Open Balls - resistant to fuzzing up on hard court surfaces, with good playability. A winning combination. D. BNP Paribas Open Souvenir beverage holder - holds up to 500ml of coconut juice. E. Nike Vapor Tour 9.5  - Keith and Federer's shoe of choice. Lightweight, Stable, and available in size 7. F. Wilson RF97 - Fed's racket of choice, a little heftier than the Keith is used to. Strung at 49lbs. with Head Gravity. G. Wilson Six.One 95 - now relegated to back up status in Keith's bag. H. String Vibration Dampener - 2 words: Panda Power. I. J. & K. Athletic Tape, Pro Wrap, and K-Tape - For repairs on the fly. Too bad a physiotherapist won't fit in the bag. L. Sportmate Odour and Moisture Absorbing Pouch - all natural and reusable. Keith's bag smells like Chips Ahoy cookies and fabric softener... but that might just be him. M. Odlum Brown VanOpen Souvenir Lip Balm - If you are thinking about your dry, chapped lips, you're not thinking about your forehand. N. Adhesive Bandage - For blistering serves.
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