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Meet our Expert Bra Fitters

What does it take to be an expert at something? Experience, Knowledge, Practice, Patience, and an Attention to Detail. Women know that fitting a bra properly is as much an art as it is a science, and you also need the selection on hand to get it right. Anytime you come into Rackets & Runners one or more of our pro-fitters will be available to get you into the correct sports bra for your activities.  On Wednesday, March 16th -  at R&R's Bras & Bites night, ALL of our experts will be in the store to help you, Let's meet them:


Nadia-Profile-FinalYears of Fit-sperience: 10 Background: She's our apparel buyer, and selects the styles we carry. Nadia knows what features work best and which brands provide the best quality. Fit Tip: "The cups of a bra need to fit perfectly snug. When the bra is on, there should be no gaping or puckered fabric around them."  


Vanda-Bra-Fitter Years of Fit-sperience: 5 Background: Our store owner truly cares about her customers. Vanda wants you to be thrilled with your experience at Rackets & Runners, and hopes you love your purchases. Fit Tip: "Don't throw away an older sports bra, repurpose it for use during lower impact activities, like cycling."  


Sandra Fit ExpertYears of Fit-sperience: 7 Background: Sandra will go to great lengths to find you the perfect sports bra match. If you've been frustrated in the past, she'll work some magic to find an answer. Fit Tip: "Standing still in the fitting room is not going to tell you much about how the bra will function. Move in it like you would when you're being active."


Alex-Bra-FitterYears of Fit-sperience: 4 Background: Down to earth advice and honesty is what you'll get from Alex when she helps with your fit. There's no judgement and no pressure. Fit Tip: "Don't rush the process, take your time and try on a few styles. Something will be perfect for you."  


Lilian Profile PhotoYears of Fit-sperience: 5 Background: Super enthusiastic Brooks Sport and Moving Comfort Guru, Lillian will be on hand at Bras & Bites to give you the technical take on Bra Fitting. Fit Tip: "Make sure the band is fitting snug and yet not too tight is key to comfort and ultimate support."  


Audree Profile PhotoYears of Fit-sperience: 3 Background: New Balance Technical Representative Audrée is a accomplished runner who understands the intricacies of achieving a proper fit. Fit Tip: "Talk to me. Let me know what you're feeling when you try on a bra. Communication is the key to finding the right fit."


Sam Expert FitterYears of Fit-sperience: 2 Background: Sam is our all-around athlete, capable at a surprising array of sports. She'll make sure you're comfortable and supported for whatever you do.  
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