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Climb the Wall: The Stairclimb for Clean Air is a unique event that evokes its cause - lung health, with every step taken towards the summit of one of Vancouver’s tallest buildings.
Alli Tai

Alli Tai Knows Climbing

We asked Allison Tai: Rackets & Runners Run Club Coach, #1 Overall Canadian Elite Spartan Racer, and the 2013 Stairclimb fastest female climber to give us a few tips on how to prepare for, and what to wear for the Stairclimb for Clean Air. Many of us incorporate steps into our weekly workouts, but bounding up 100 flights of them is not something we get to do during our regular training routines. The stairwells of a skyscraper provide a host of challenges and physical considerations outside of our routines. “Your calves, quads, and lungs will likely bear the brunt of the workload.” Says Allison on getting ready for the Climb, “It's important to actually train on stairs if possible. If it’s not, make sure to include lots of lunges and squats to work your larger leg muscles, and some calf raises and rope skipping to get the muscles of your lower legs conditioned.” On climb day, “Make sure to include a gradual, easy warm-up in your pre-race routine.” The brand new “Fight” component of the “Fight and Flight Challenge” will get your muscles nicely warm right in time for the climb, so be sure to add it when you register.

A shoe like this is perfect for the climb

When Alli chooses a shoe for her ascent, “I wear minimal shoes with flexible soles… there is not a great deal of impact when running UP stairs and your foot needs to bend.” Saucony’s lightweight and nimble Kinvara is the perfect choice to strap on for the ride up. What’s the atmosphere like in the Wall Centre’s stairwells? “It can be warm in there, so don’t overdress!” Your throat might get dry on the way up, so there are two water stations along the way, you could also, “Try chewing gum. Just be careful not to swallow it.” “When you’re finished, remember to do some static stretching during cool down.” says Allison. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back as you ride the elevator down, you’ve just met the challenge and helped raise money for a great cause.
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