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Oak Street Runners at Turkey Trot

Doing the Turkey Trot with Run Club

2016 Turkey Trot StartTo stay fit and happy you need a fun group of friends to run with, and well-run events to have fun at. The Turkey Trot is the perfect 10K to kick off the Oak Street Runners’ Fall session. It’s a fast course circuiting beautiful False Creek in the early days of the season; a hot post race meal awaits the finishers, and there are plenty of memories and inspiration to keep you going through the year, as conditions grow more challenging.

The Rackets & Runners based run club has been going strong for 6 years under the guidance of Coaches Allison & John Tai, and a host of experienced leaders, who meet at the store on Oak Street every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm throughout the year. Runners of all levels of fitness and ability come to the club to find a welcoming group of people with a common goal; to stay fit and find their personal best.

If you are looking for some coaching to reach your personal best, a group to support your training goals, or some run buddies to tackle the next 10K with, come and run with the Oak Street Runners at Rackets & Runners.

Our Fall quarter starts on Tuesday, October 3rd. For more information about the Oak Street Runners, follow the link to our Run Club page.

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