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Selecting the right sports bra is just as important as selecting the right running shoes. Good breast health requires proper support for your unique size and shape. What works for Mary in a size 34B, could be a disaster for Jennifer who wears a 40DD. Without the proper support, sensitive breast tissue can tear and cause irreversible damage. The materials in a sports bra will wear out with use, just like with a pair of running shoes. When your bra celebrates a birthday, it might be time to retire it to low impact activities.

Here are some quick tips and considerations for selecting your next sports bra:

• First off, don’t be shy to ask a Rackets & Runners staff member for help. We are knowledgeable with the various bras and make the fitting process more efficient.

• Have a clear idea of what you want the bra to do for you and what type of physical activity it will be used for is critical. For instance, are you using the bra for training for the Turkey Trot or yoga or cycling?

  • Give yourself enough time for a sports bra fit. Rushing through a bra fit will leave you frustrated and walking away with the wrong fit!

  • When trying on bras, don’t be afraid to try different band and cup sizes. Most brands fit differently depending on their style and your individual body type.

  • When the bra is on, mimic the activities you plan on doing. For instance, do some running on the spot or jumps. If the bra chafes, has excessive movement, rides up, or gapes under the arm, try another bra!

• A proper fitting sports bra should fit more snug than a regular lingerie bra.

  • Breasts should be contained completely within the bra cups, with no overflow.

  • Underwire bras should sit next to the rib cage, directly below the breast tissue.

• Wider straps provide comfort by distributing weight more evenly, thus helping to prevent back or shoulder discomfort.

  • With a properly fitted sports bra, you should be able to slip two fingers snugly between the band and the skin, as well as under the strap at the top of the shoulders.

• The band if the foundation of a great fitting bra. The wider the band, the more support offered by the bra.

What are the types of sports bras?

Bra Tops and Shelf Bras

Both bra tops and shelf bras are designed for low impact activity. A bra top is a basic shelf bra that is sewn into a tank. Although sizing varies from extra small to extra-large, they will not provide maximum support for a cup size larger than B.

Support and Shape Bras

Support and shape bras are designed for medium to high impact activities. A wide range of supportive features may include thicker straps, underwire, adjustable clasps and racer back design.

For medium impact, the New Balance Hero bra is remarkably comfortable and supportive. It provides support in a lighter weight unimposing bra. For higher impact activities, the New Balance Power bra delivers exactly as its names indicates: It is a pullover, race-back style with molded padded cups which provides maximum support.

Compression and Full Motion Control Bras

Compression Bras are designed to firmly hold the breasts against the body and are ideal for high impact activities. The New Balance Shockingly Unshocking bra combines full encapsulation and compression to provide uncompromising exceptional support for those with breasts larger than a B.

Come see us at Rackets & Runners at 3880 Oak Street in Vancouver. We have the bras mentioned in addition to many other bra styles. We will help you find the right bra for you!

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