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How the Pros Fit Footwear

These days, with thousands of different models of shoes on the market, it’s virtually impossible for consumers to keep up and select the most appropriate brand and model for their individual foot type and function.

Inappropriate, ill-fitting, or worn out shoes can increase the chance of injury. As well, over time, shoes lose their stability and capacity to absorb shock, which can dramatically increase stress to your feet and legs. These added stresses could lead to blisters and calluses as well as contribute to lower limb overuse injuries causing heel, arch and shin pain. Foot shape is only one factor which determines the type of athletic shoes that is best for you.

At Rackets & Runners, we stay on top of latest trends and technologies and we are able to assist with fit and recommend the most appropriate running and walking shoe for your foot type and activity. Shoes Matter!

• Proper fitting and functioning footwear is crucial to maintaining an active lifestyle and preventing exercise related injury.

• Poor fitting footwear is a primary contributor to foot and ankle injury and can exacerbate many common health conditions. Foot size, forefoot width and arch type are essential measurements in a proper footwear fitting, but there is more to know about ensuring an ideal fit.

• The shape of your foot and the way you move is unique to you. We believe in getting you into the right pair of shoes that best supports both. Whether you’re walking or running, your feet take the brunt of your chosen activity. How your body reacts is intimately connected to how your feet cope. We’re here to find the right shoe for you.

• Black toenails and foot cramping are often signs that your shoes are too small or too narrow. The more distance you cover during individual runs or walks the longer your shoe needs to be.

• Whether you wear orthotics, have arthritis, diabetes, or experience changes in your feet due to changing health, our team will provide you with the knowledge you need and a level of service and customer care that stands above the rest.

• The Rackets & Runners Shoe Fitter will take as much information as possible from you about your feet and your activities. The fitter wants to know what injuries you’ve had, what your favourite pair of shoes was, if you’ve been given any direction from a medical practitioner, and just what it is you are planning to do in your new kicks

• The Proof is in the Wearing: If there were such a thing as “The Best Shoe”, Rackets and Runners would carry that shoe in 48 different colours! While you may be able to get some guidance from public opinion, what really matters is how the pair on your feet, fits you. There are so many factors to consider when choosing shoes to try on. It’s no wonder it’s impossible to pick the perfect pair from a magazine article, or an online review. Your fitter’s job is to present options based on the information gathered during your visit, how you feel when you try a pair of shoes on and lastly, to help you assess the fit of each pair.  Ultimately, you have to wear them.

• You need to be able to take your choice home, test them out, and know that if there is a problem, you can count on us to get you into a pair that does work.

• Bringing in your existing or old pair of shoes gives us a great sense of how you wear a shoe. Once we pick out a new pair for you, you can leave your old ones behind as a donation to our Shoe Renu Program which helps those in need get foot care as well as footwear.

When choosing your next pair of shoes, consider one of the great models in the New Balance line-up. Whether is the best-selling 880v8 which has the perfect combination of ultra-responsivity and cushioning, or the more supportive and stable, 860v9. Try one of the great shoes from New Balance. You will not be disappointed!

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