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Regulars know the Rackets & Runners Team and they know the Legends that have always provided advice and fit you right, set you up for your personal best, or tuned your equipment to help you make the most of your sport no matter what level you compete at.

Mike will take the time to make sure you have the shoe that’s meant for you. David’s pragmatic approach to assessing your needs and biomechanics will help you unlock the secret to fit. Dave (a different one… there’s actually 3 of them) knows tennis completely; our ”Sensei of Swing” will show you the way to a perfect hit. Kev remembers exactly what tension you string your Pro Staff 6.1 at and how long those running shoes lasted your kids before they outgrew them. Nadia can pick out the colour of tennis apparel that suits you best and makes you feel good on the court. Paul can suggest a field hockey stick that will give you better ball control, he know about these things- he's a member of the Canadian National Team, so were Rackets and Runners' founders Fred and Lex... speaking of Legends.

No matter who helps you find your fit at Rackets & Runners you can rely on our Team to do what’s best for you and our active community. This is what we've always done and it’s a part of what we are.


Bryan, Dave, Dave, David, Holden, Keith, Kevin, Matt, Mike, Nadia, Paul, Sandra, Vanda, Will, Pierce


Fred, Phil, AJ, Drew, Rand, Brett, Trish, James, Benji, Lex, Dale, Don, Phil, Paul, Mahonys  

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