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The Vancouver Ultimate League

With nearly 4500 active members, the Vancouver Ultimate League (VUL) is one of the largest ultimate leagues in the world. The VUL is a non profit society that offers recreational leagues year-round. Summer League attracts the largest number of players, but Fall and Winter Leagues are also very popular with over 75 teams in each season. In addition to its league offerings, the VUL organizes clinics, camps, social events, and tournaments with the goal of developing the sport of ultimate while cultivating local community.

About Ultimate

Ultimate is a fast-paced, non-contact field sport. It’s suitable for players of all ages, and usually played in a co-ed format with men and women on the same team. The sport is played in more than 75 countries, with the largest number of players in North America. There’s over 30,000 recreational players in Canada alone! All you need to play is a disc (frisbee), some cones, and a playing field. Games are typically played with 7 players a side, but there are many variations. The most unique aspect of ultimate is that it's self-officiated - players make all calls themselves - even at national and international championships!

How to start playing

The VUL wants even more people to discover and enjoy the sport of ultimate. The game is fun and simple, but it takes some time to learn the rules and basic throws. There are several ways to get started, depending on the time of year. See the ‘Getting Started’ page on the VUL website for full info.

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