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Since 1978
JOHN TAI John has been a coach and fitness instructor for over 20 years. He has a broad scope of knowledge in health and fitness: Registered Massage Therapy, Yoga Teacher and Registered Neurodiagnostic Technologists.  His fitness certification is with the American College of Sport Medicine.  John keeps up to date with current fitness topics with a passion and commitment to continuing education and regular journal review.  John runs for fitness and to better enjoy the outdoors. He has a marathon personal best of 3:18. Visit his website at or send him a message.
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ALLISON TAI Allison has coached running since 2005.  She is a certified fitness instructor and an instructor-trainer for pre and post natal and group fitness trainers.  She is a specialist in many areas including:
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Canfitpro pre & post natal
  • Sports psychology
  • Post rehabilitative breast cancer exercise
  • Exercise prescription for metabolic and cardiovascular conditions
  • Certified on functional movement screens
She feels fortunate to be able to share her passion for life and fitness with others. Allison was a competitive runner and Ironman triathlete before getting hit by a truck in 2006 and breaking her back, pelvis and arm. She suffered nerve damage and soft tissue injury. After half a year in a full body cast, not able to roll herself over in bed, Allison fought her way back to fitness and back onto the podium in many running races as well as obstacle course racing events such as Spartan and Tough Mudder.   Allison has a marathon personal best of 3:09. She also came in second in the World's Toughest Mudder. Watch the Video.  Allison and her story was featured on Breakfast Television April 22, 2014. Follow this link to watch the segment.  Visit Allison at for a list of her accomplishments or you can email her.
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