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A great location to run from and great people to run with. $80/year gets you a host of benefits, read on for details:

For this week's club workouts/routes, please see our facebook group.

The Location:

We run from the Store on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6pm, & Saturdays at 8:15am

Rackets and Runners is the perfect place to start your run from. We are surrounded by quiet neighbourhoods with wide sidewalks. Many city parks are close by, including beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park, which allows us to utilize varied terrain for hill workouts and running tracks for speed work and interval training.

The store provides a climate controlled and secure space for runners to change, use the washroom, and fill their water bottles pre and post-workout. You will be able to keep your gear inside the store during your run. If there is a guest speaker, they will present after the run, inside the store.

Oftentimes, runners will head-out together for a social beverage or snack after their workout. There are coffee shops and several restaurants within 2 blocks of the store. On occasion, the Oak Street Runners will meet at an alternative location for a Run Club field trip. Members can always stay up to date with OSR activities, by checking out the OSR Calendar (or facebook page), which shows each day’s pre-planned routes and any special information.

The People:

Since our beginning, Rackets & Runners has fostered connections within the running community. We’re involved with many events and organisations that support health through exercise and activity. The Oak Street Runners are an important link to this community, and can be seen participating-in or cheering-on at various events from the Vancouver Sun Run to the Boston Marathon.

We have a core group of ambassadors who help set the pace, providing guidance and a warm welcome to new members. Our abassadors, who run alongside OSR members, are the heart of the group who share a love for running and a positive outlook on life.


Join the Oak Street Runners!

We have over 100 active members who show-up for as many of the Tuesday and Thursday evening, and Saturday morning sessions as they can. Our annual membership fee of $80 provides the following benefits to Oak Street Runners members:

• 3 group-run days/week. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Less than .40 cents a session!

• A climate controlled and secure environment to meet, change, stretch, and store your gear during your workout.

• 2 mapped, tested, and varied routes available ahead of each session.

• A free OSR branded apparel item

• A 15% in-store discount on all regularly priced merchandise and OSR Clinics.

• OSR running field-trips and social event invitations

• Health and fitness related post-run presentations (1/month)

• Shoe test-run Events

• Discounted event entries*

Oak Street Runners Training Clinics:

If you are interested coaching and motivation beyond run club, you can sign up for an OSR Training Clinic. We offer several clinics throughout the year, each tailored towards local running events. Clinics are led by OSR head coaches, Allison & John Tai(link to bio) who have inspired and trained athletes from the everyday to the elite.

Are you looking to fine tune your training for an upcoming event? Would you like to increase your speed or endurance? Are you new to running, and want to take a clinic where you can work on running form and building endurance under the guidance of professional, certified coaches?

Clinics take place at the store on Tuesday evenings (see below for dates). Participants will receive a detailed weekly program, technical drills, periodization, and run specific strength conditioning and mobility guidance.

Clinics are designed to enhance your Oak Street Runners experience. Current OSR members will receive a 15% discount off clinic fees. Individuals who are signed up for a clinic only are welcome to train with the Oak Street Runners, on Thursdays and Saturdays for the duration of their clinic.

Upcoming OSR Training Clinics:

July 10th – Oct 2nd, 2018: 13 Weeks to the Turkey Trot (10km). $130 Tuesdays at 6pm

July 10th – Oct 16th, 2018: 15 Weeks to the Victoria Half/Full Marathon. $150 Tuesdays at 6pm

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