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What days and times are training sessions?

There are 3 training sessions each week. Tuesdays and Thursdays, we meet at Rackets & Runners at 5:45pm to leave at 6:00pm.  On Saturdays, we meet at 8:00am and leave at 8:15am. Sessions are between 45 and 90 minutes long depending on the training group the runner is with.

How is the weekly training schedule set up?

Tuesday and Thursday consists of tempo runs, race pace simulations, long and short intervals, hill work, track and speed play. Not only is this method of training more interesting, you will see the results.

Saturday is the weekly long run to build endurance. The route is preset by the coaches but there is no formal coaching. The Saturday run is open to non club members at no cost.

How much does Run Club cost and how long are the programs?

We have divided the sessions into 4 x 13 week seasons. Each season is $90 plus GST. A full year membership is $220 plus GST. Tuesday or Thursday single drop-ins are $5. If you join a quarterly session late, the fee will be pro-rated. Please see the registration form for more information.

Which pace group should I sign up for?

We group people together according to pace on a session to session basis; factors such as injuries, upcoming races, will influence which pace group the runner participates with in any given session.

Where do the groups run?

Most runs leave from Rackets & Runners (3880 Oak St.).  We use several routes that take advantage of the scenic surroundings and excellent running paths that radiate from our location.  On occasion, we have field trips. If the starting point is different, we let you know via the weekly newsletter, email, and the Rackets & Runners-Run Group Facebook page.

Can I just drop-in and determine if the run club is a good fit for me?

Yes, your 1st drop-in to the run club is complimentary.  You will need to fill out a waiver form, so please arrive 15 minutes before the run.

What if I have never run before? Should I get more fit before joining ?

We accommodate all levels. Every single one of us started out as non-runners.  We have a very gentle starting group led by an experienced, patient and encouraging leader.

I'm really slow/fast, will there be someone to run with me?

Yes. We cater to absolute newbies and seasoned pros and have pace groups that will feel comfortable for everyone. We have a very gentle starting group, all the way to a sub-4 minute km pace group.

I’m a triathlete/obstacle course racer. Do the coaches have experience in this?

Yes, Allison has competed as an age group athlete in Ironman triathlons. She has had age group placings in ultra-marathons, won obstacle races.  In her early years, she made the collegiate provincial team in cross-country running too!

I am currently following a program. Are you able to accommodate me?

Yes, one of the best parts about the Rackets & Runners Run Club is that everyone is treated as an individual and given personal attention and tailoring to their training needs. 

What do I need to get started?

Nothing more than you would normally run in.  If you do not have running shoes or basic running apparel, please see any of the Rackets & Runners staff for assistance.  You’ll get a discount if you are a club member.

I don’t run. Can I walk?

Absolutely. We even have a walk group that leaves from the shop Saturday mornings and joins us for coffee at the local Starbucks.

Can I bring my dog? Baby? School-aged child?

Yes, dogs that are well trained and non-aggressive can run with us. Babies in their strollers are also welcome; John and Allison bring their stroller to every workout!  School-aged children can join us but we do ask that you stay with them through the workout until they are comfortable running with their pace/distance group.  Allison and John are parents of 2 beautiful daughters.

Can I leave my stuff at the shop while we run?

Yes.  We have storage bins specifically set up for the Run Club.

Do you have any social time?

Remember our motto: “It’s a not a run group; it’s a lifestyle”! After every Saturday run, we head over to the Starbucks at West 22nd Avenue and Oak Street for a celebratory coffee and treat.  In addition, we celebrate birthdays, holidays and events together. We go on road trips to races. We go out for breakfast, dinner, and drinks.  We join one another in various outdoor adventures like hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, etc.

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