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Reboot Your Running Goals

You CAN go from Zero to 10KM in 12 Weeks For most of us in Vancouver, the typical launch back into running for the New Year was delayed… or at least got off to a slow start. Those who did … Read more

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Get Ready to Climb the Wall

Climb the Wall: The Stairclimb for Clean Air is a unique event that evokes its cause – lung health, with every step taken towards the summit of one of Vancouver’s tallest buildings. We asked Allison Tai: Rackets & Runners Run … Read more

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Run for Love

There are many reasons why you should run… but here are ten that say you should start lacing up with your valentine. 1. Increased self confidence. One or both partners lack of confidence is a relationship killer. It often leads … Read more

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Sports Bra Fitting Event – Wed, Feb 18th

Is it time to update your Sports Bra? At Rackets & Runners, we know sports bras and carry a great selection. Come join us at the store on February 18th from 7 – 9pm for an event devoted to getting … Read more

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#ThisIsMyYear to Run

I’ve learned a lot of things about being an athlete the hard way. If I could go back and visit myself a dozen years ago, when I was just getting in to this whole running thing, there are a few … Read more

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Safe Winter Running Guide

January, the time everyone wants to get back outside and get back into shape. It’s a great time to start chasing down those spring goals or start a working on a better you. It’s also the time of year when … Read more

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Intro to R&R Run Club

Good intentions require a good, supportive plan that sets you up for success, and helps you honour your goals. We like to think of the R&R Run Club as the most supportive, inclusive, & fun run club in Metro Vancouver.  … Read more

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3 Tips for the Week Before the Vancouver Marathon

Allison Tai, Rackets & Runners run club Coordinator/Coach passes along her final tips for the BMO Vancouver Marathon on Sunday, May 5th. For more information on Allison, please see her  website www.urbanfitnessmovement.com. 1. Do not do anything new. Now is not … Read more

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