Sun Run 2018


We feel that sponsoring, supporting, and hosting events is the best way for us to connect with our community. We like to meet the people who play the sports, run the races, and are involved with organizations that we believe in. It's important to give back, and as a team, we're all stronger.

Oak Street Runners

Oak Street Runners

A great location to run from, and great people to run with. Join our Run Club, aka the Oak Street Runners today, or sign up for a 10k or Marathon Clinic starting Jan 23rd, 2018 coached by John and Allison Tai.

Here you'll find a enthusiastic group of runners, looking to share their love of running and enjoyment of sport and fitness with others in the community.

get fitted right

Get Fitted Right

The purchase of a great pair of shoes is an investment in your comfort and your health. We appreciate that. We stand behind the fit of our shoes just as we stand behind the fit of our racquets! Need a sports bra that supports your sport of choice? Looking for the perfect running jacket? Come get fitted right! At Rackets & Runners you’ll never be stuck with a purchase that isn’t quite right.

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