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 2017 Run Club Session Dates & Costs

2017 Run Club Session Dates
  *Join Anytime! All session pricing is pro-rated if joined in progress.   *Coached sessions are weekly, Tuesday & Thursday, at 6pm.

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Learn to Run
We are born to run; many of us have simply forgotten how or lost the inspiration. Coach Alli has worked with people who never thought they could run a city block but now run marathons: people who were sedentary, obese, or physically limited through injury or impairment. Change your life with us one stride at a time. Let us inspire you; we will teach you form, timing, and proper mechanics.
Run Faster
So you're pretty quick but just can't seem to make it to the next level? Time to change the way you're training. With inspired movement and a new direction, you can. Come for a free drop in, meet a bunch of inspiring people, and experience something new.
Nordic (Pole) Walking
Are you new to fitness, in need of assistance for walking, or have health barriers? Pole Walking will help you along one step at a time: balance, timing and support. Are you a seasoned walker or runner who's looking for a new challenge? Pole walking adds simultaneous upper body conditioning and increases calorie burn. Poling will also challenge your timing and coordination to make you walk and run more efficiently.
  Who are we? We are the most supportive, inclusive, & fun run club in Metro Vancouver.

 “It’s more than a running group; it’s a lifestyle"

Exceed your goals! Whether you’ve dreamt of finishing or achieving a personal best in the marathon, flirted with the idea of a 5K, or vowed simply to get moving, our aim is to help you reach and exceed your personal goals! Be Supported! We offer comprehensive coaching from proven expert running/fitness coaches Allison and John Tai. From mechanics and form to the psychology of running, the team of Allison and John will coach you to new heights! Runners of all ages and abilities are welcome! We always make sure that you have a running partner; Allison and John will monitor your progress and, most importantly, keep you coming back! Go for a Run! For training purposes, the store is strategically located near a track, there is easy access to hills and our running routes are some of the most scenic and safest in the Metro Vancouver area. Rackets & Runners Run Club members receive the benefits of:
    • Expert and proven coaching from Allison and John Tai.
    • Comprehensive weekly training program distributed to all run club members.
    • A supportive, inclusive, fun, and social environment.
    • A 15% VIP discount on store purchases.
    • Guest speakers on varied fitness and health topics including: injury rehabilitation, post-run recovery, nutrition, and personal motivation. All speakers present AFTER the run.
    • Encouragement and support from the Rackets & Runners cheer squad at races.
    • Free stuff. We often use club members as product testers. Run Club is a great source of feedback for us.
    • Discounted Sun Run registration (Rackets & Runners is a Platinum sponsor of the Vancouver Sun Run).

Common questions answered:

What days and times are training sessions? "There are 3 training sessions each week. Tuesday and Thursday evenings, we meet at Rackets & Runners at 5:45pm to leave at 6:00pm.  On Saturday mornings, we meet at 8:00am and leave at 8:15am. Sessions are between 45 and 90 minutes long depending on the training group the runner is with." Can I join anytime? "You can! With our flexible pace groups and expert coaching you will fit in no matter when you join the club. If you're just getting out of the starting blocks  or you want to give your marathon training boost... jump in with us. Quarterly session fees' pricing will be pro-rated if joining a session in progress. Where do the groups run? "Most runs leave from Rackets & Runners (3880 Oak St.).  We use several routes that take advantage of the scenic surroundings and excellent running paths that radiate from our location.  On occasion, we have field trips. If the starting point is different, we let you know via the weekly newsletter, email, and the Rackets & Runners-Run Group Facebook page." I'm really slow/fast, will there be someone to run with me? "Yes. We cater to absolute newbies and seasoned pros and have pace groups that will feel comfortable for everyone. We have a very gentle starting group,  all the way to a sub-4 minute km pace group."  Which pace group should I sign up for? "We group people together according to pace on a session to session basis; factors such as injuries, upcoming races, will influence which pace group the runner participates with in any given session." Further questions? Read our complete Run Club FAQ. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, contact the coaches:
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